The Sugar Circuit And Major Disease Conditions

I start my discussion of what I do to help my clients by balancing the body’s sugar handling mechanisms as well as why this is so important.

When doing healing work there are several imbalances that almost everyone has. Of course, there are specific items that people need to have treated, but there are generalities.

The first systemic issue that I look at with every client is sugar handling, which I call the sugar circuit. Due to stress, diet and other factors, the sugar circuit is out of balance in almost everyone.

One of the most stressful things for the body to do is to deal with excess sugar. While the body is designed to handle sugar, the constant input of refined foods, sugar and even emotions causes problems. Eventually, the body’s ability to deal with sugar becomes compromised.

One reason the sugar circuit is important is because blood sugar balance is incredibly important. Powerful hormones are used to keep this balance, hormones that have other effects on the body besides just changing the how much sugar is in the blood. Many of these hormones come from the adrenal glands, a topic that I write a lot about.

Almost every organ and gland is involved in sugar handling, especially when there is an overwhelming increase in blood sugar. Certain hormones are released if blood sugar is too low (adrenal hormones), and others if it is too high (insulin from the pancreas).

Another problem is simple wear and tear on the body. Both insulin and sugar cause damage to the artery walls, little nicks that can leak. This is the damage that plaque on the artery walls patch. A build up of this plaque is what leads to a narrowing of the arteries and heart disease.

One of the main problems excess adrenal hormones cause is inflammation. Inflammation is the beginning of most major disease like cancer and heart disease. In general, the less inflammation the longer the life, and a higher quality life too.

I can go on and on as to what happens to the body when there is too much or too little sugar in the blood. Suffice to say, that both sides of that coin cause changes that lead to most major illnesses.

Sugar levels can be too high and too low at the same time, a real problem that causes many problems. There can be too much sugar in the blood and too little in the muscle, or visa versa.

I use applied kinesiology to balance the sugar circuit. This can be done in a number of ways. Over the years I have learned several different techniques. There has been an evolution that has led to dealing with the fight or flight response that comes with an out of balance sugar circuit.

I know, I have written a lot on the importance of a low glycemic diet, a diet that is low in sugar and processed foods. But, it is emotions that keep the body in a state of flight or flight.

Some of the same hormones used in keeping the blood sugar balance are stress hormones that are released when in the flight flight response that causes the body to go into overdrive. The only way to amp down is to release the emotions that caused the body to go into overdrive. I use applied kinesiology to do this.

The adrenal glands are the main glands that become overwhelmed when the sugar circuit is out of balance. Adrenal fatigue is one of he most common conditions there is.

Be sure to download the free adrenal healing information by clicking on the tab above. It will get you started on the path of healing your adrenal glands which are directly connected to the sugar circuit. And, there will be more information coming soon.

In this article I covered how excess sugar causes biochemical problems that involve the adrenal glands. And, some of the issues of excess sugar were addressed, inflammation and damage to the arteries. The emotional connection and the technique used to clear it were also discussed. I’ll continue from there next time.

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