Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injury is a major cause of physical debilitation for a lot of people. One of the main reasons for this is re-injury, injuring the same area before it has fully healed. Knowing how to heal injuries completely, can help you avoid a long healing process. Back pain issues apply to this category, but there are many other areas where this can also be an issue.


Over the years I’ve treated many different types of soft tissue injuries. The main things are sports injuries and trauma from accidents. But, the biggest problem, the worst type of injury is a secondary injuries, an injury to an area that is currently injured itself.

Even a simple sprain can turn into something that can take from months to a year or more to heal when if area is injured again. This is very simple to avoid, perhaps this warning will be enough to help someone avoid a long term, and expensive, healing process.

It’s tough for some people that are really into sports, but the first thing is to stop what you were doing that caused the injury in the first place. A healthy human body loves physical activity, so stopping is not always easy to do, but it is necessary.


There are specific common treatments, but they can sometimes be confusing. For example, most people know that applying hot and/or cold to soft tissue injuries is something that will help, but when do you use hot and when cold? A simple guideline is to use cold when the pain is sharp, like right after it happens. An ice pack works wonders in helping to prevent swelling, and relieve pain. After a few days, when the pain is dull heat can be applied.

Another to work with hot and cold is to alternate them. Ice the area until it is good and cold, then apply heat. When practical, immersion in hot water works the best, but a heating pad or hot water bottle can be used. This expands and contracts the blood vesicles which help the stagnant blood and lymph move through.

Another treatment that has been used for centuries is arnica. Arnica is an herb that has long been used as a treatment for strains, sprains and  bruises. It comes in different forms, an arnica cream is one of the most affective ones for soft tissue injuries.

In years past it was thought that immobilizing an injured limb was the best thing for certain types of soft tissue injuries. However, movement is now widely practiced. There is one stretching technique that can heal a spain in just a few days. Movement keeps blood moving through an injured area which keeps the flow nutrients and healing factors coming in.


With a little care, many soft tissue injury can be completely healed in a few days to a few weeks. Be careful though, just because an injury feels better doesn’t mean that it is fully healed, so give it an extra week or two. You can use that time to slowly build up strength in the area to help prevent future injuries which could take a lot longer to heal.

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