Vegetarian Health

by Kalidasa on June 20, 2012

Vegetarian Health

Vegetarian Health

Vegetarians, in general, will have a hard time healing from adrenal fatigue and most other conditions. The reason has to do with heredity, humans have to eat animal protein to stay healthy or to heal. However, there are things that vegetarians can do. That’s what this article is about.

Humans Need Animal Protein The reason vegetarians have a hard time healing is because humans evolved eating animal protein. Ninety percent according to recent archaeological studies. Even a typical American diet of ninety percent processed foods with animal protein has an impossible time staying healthy. So much harder for people who eat no animal protein at all.

Alkaline Body Another reason has to do with how the body keeps its pH balanced. When there is animal protein in the stomach HCl is released to activate digestive enzymes that digest protein. Once the food moves into the first part of the intestines alkalizers are released to neutralize the acid. More than enough is released which alkalizes the body.

Vegetable protein doesn’t have the same effect in the stomach. In fact, the body recognizes very little vegetable protein as protein that can be used for things like cellular repair and building tissue.

Digestive Enzymes But, there is something that will help break down vegetable protein into amino acids that the body can use. In general enzymes are required to break down grains and legumes (beans). The enzyme that vegetarians need to take with every meal is bromelain.

Two extra strength capsules with each meal.  Bromelain comes from pineapple. Unfortunately you couldn’t possibly eat enough pineapple to get the enzymes needed to help a vegetarian. Besides, taking a supplement is much easier.

Perfect Diet Another thing vegetarians have to do is to always eat whole foods. No ground up grains even if they started out whole. No grain is whole anymore after grinding. Far too many vegetarians eat lots of bread and other processed foods. Of course, sugar has to be completely eliminated as well.

Acceptable Protein? Some vegetarians are ok with eating some animal protein like whey and egg white protein powder. Some will eat eggs, others may even eat fish. All these foods will give good protein that will help in healing and maintaining health. My favorite is egg white protein with stevia because it’s more protein dense than whey protein. Just make sure which ever one you get doesn’t contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Eating nuts is also helpful, they help in adding some protein.

In general it is hard to be healthy without eating animal protein. But, eating a perfect diet free from processed foods, eating more nuts, eating as much animal protein as is acceptable to the individual and taking bromelain with each meal can help to keep a vegetarian healthy.

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