How to Alkalize Your Body

How to Alkalize Your Body

How to Alkalize Your Body

Having a less acidic body is something that everyone should desire. A healthy body is slightly acidic overall. Getting that way is not hard, but it isn’t done with what you eat which is what most people think. A little biochemistry, simplified of course, tells you how to alkalize your body the right way.

One of the reasons having a more alkaline body is that major diseases like cancer aren’t likely to form unless the environment is acidic. Parasites also like acid, and most people have parasites too.

How Nature Alkalizes the Body
Let’s start with the solution. A stomach that produces enough hydrochloric acid, or HCl, will keep the body at the perfect pH. PH measures the how acidic or alkaline a substance is.

But, very few people’s stomachs produce enough HCl, so taking HCl supplements with meals is necessary to keeping the body alkaline.

What? Taking HCl supplements will keep the body alkaline? How does that work?

I thought you’d never ask.

How Taking Hydrochloric Acid Alkalizes the Body
The body is made the way it is for a reason. When food moves from the stomach to the first part of the small intestines the pancreas and gallbladder release digestive enzymes to continue the digestion process. These enzymes are full of minerals that are very alkaline. So, not only does digestion continue the way it is supposed to, but the acid in the partially digested food is neutralized.

In fact, it is these acid neutralizing minerals that effectively neutralize the acid in the entire body. To be clear, this is the overall pH of the body, certain parts need to be acidic to work right.

The Infection Problem
Most people can’t just start taking HCl supplements. In fact, many people would be very unhappy if they did. The reason has to do with an infection that just about everyone has. This particular infection is one of the most common in the world, a bacteria called H. pylori, the cause of ulcers. The reason it’s so common is that one of HCl’s jobs is to sterilize the contents of the stomach, and since most people don’t produce enough HCl they get the infection because the bacteria is everywhere. Another problem with H. pylori is that if your infection is severe enough and you take HCl you will get an ulcer. Actually, you’d probably just stop taking the HCl because the combination can be really painful. The good news is that H. pylori is very easy to get rid of.

How to Eliminate H. Pylori and Cure Your Ulcer
H. pylori doesn’t respond well to antibiotics because it hides in the folds of the stomach lining. It’s hard to detect for the same reason, but it is there in almost everyone. It used to take weeks to cure ulcers because it took that long to get rid of H. pylori using natural techniques while antibiotics almost never worked. However, it can now be done in only ten days. And, all it takes is two cups of tea a day for those ten days. Brassica Tea was developed at Johns Hopkins University where the studies on H. pylori were done. It is laced with a high concentration of an antioxidant that is so powerful that it kills off H. pylori in just ten days. Even the worst ulcer will be cured within that length of time too. I’ve seen it work dozens of times.

When You can Start Taking HCl
Most people can start taking HCl and drinking the tea at the same time. But, it might not be worth doing since the pain from the HCl can be pretty bad, if there is an H. pylori infection. There is a test that involves taking a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with water on an empty stomach, but that can be pretty painful too — if there’s pain you need the tea first.

What HCl to Take
Once you finish taking Brassica Tea for ten days you can start taking the HCl. The form you take it is is called Betain HCl. You’ll need about 1200 mg per meal to insure the release of alkalizers. And, most people will do well to take one that comes with pancreatic enzymes since most people are lacking in those as well. When using this HCl supplement you will need to take two with each meal.

It doesn’t matter if a meal has protein or not, it’s the alkalizing you want. And, it’s best if you take the supplement about half way through the meal though it is ok to take it later if you forget. Up to 30 minutes after will still provide benefit.

Action Steps to Alkalize Your Body
First, order some Brassica Tea and start drinking two cups a day. On an empty stomach is ideal. After ten days start taking about 1200 mg of HCl per meal. A little more or a little less is fine, though more is better than less.

Conclusion and Contact
That’s all there is to having a perfect pH balance in your body. If you want to know where you are you can contact me for a phone session. I can do a surrogate test to find out how acidic your body is which would tell if you need to take HCl or not. Now you know how to alkalize your body, get started!

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