Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment can be a mystifying thing. People want back pain relief, and there are so many different kinds of back pain, and many different ways to treat each of them. Let’s look at a few of the possibilities. 

Probably the worst back issue that can happen to someone is a herniated disc. There may be other worse conditions, but a herniated disc is all too common today. The mainstream method of treatment is surgery. This is rarely sucessful, and not necessary. Natural techniques, while they may take time, are much more successful at treating a herniated disc. 

The precursor to a herniated disc is a bulging disc. These are very easy to treat with decompression therapy. And, there are other methods that don’t require special equipment. The success rate of treating a bulging disc with natural techniques is 95 percent or better. 

Lower back pain, one of the most common back pain complaints, is another major issue. Surprisingly, this is usually caused by the modern diet of processed foods. The relationship is that the processed foods damage the adrenal glands which require many of the same nutrients as ligaments and tendons. And, the adrenals get priority for those nutrients, so the supporting tissues weaken. Since the lower back holds the weight of the upper body, the ligaments there go weak first. Changing the diet and supplementing for the adrenals usually fixes this issue in a few days to a few weeks. 

Sciatica is another major complalint that is all to common. For some people, the sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis muscle. When there is a misalignment in the hips and sacrum, this muscle becomes strained causing the nerve to be affected which can cause great pain. In most cases, this is actually a lower back issue as discussed above. Diet and adrenal supplements will usually fix the issue. Another technique that is good for sciatica is pressure point therapy. I have an article with video on that coming out soon. 

Upper back pain and mid back pain are usually caused by ribs going out of alignment. Back pain treatment can include massage, chiropractic adjustments and adjusting yourself. There are reasons the ribs go out of alignment, emotions and muscle tension are the main ones. While this can be a major issue, it really isn’t that bad. 

Neck pain is another common complaint. Usually it is caused by the vertebra rotating out of alignment. Self adjusting for this is probably the easiest of the self adjusting techniques. But, the fifth cervical, or C5 is a special case that can be very painful. The primary cause is a diet of processed foods. 

A lot of information about digestion is sent from the gut to the brain via a big nerve called the vagus nerve which runs down either side of the spine and splits off at C5. When all that information is corrupted by excess consumption of sugar, a jam up occurs where the many nerves go into one, usually on the right side. This causes the vertebra to rotate out of alignment. The disc often bulges and presses on the nerve often causing nerve pain that runs down the arm. Eventually, this disc can herniate or deteriorate until there is constant pain from the pressure on the nerve. Diet and a few supplements is often all it takes to fix this issue. 

These are the most common issues and the back pain treatment options that can actually help. Of course, there are other issues, and many other treatment options available. More and more, even mainstream medicine is telling people to explore natural back pain relief options before going too deep into the medical methods. 

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