Chronic Fatigue Syndorme

I got a question today about chronic fatigue syndrome. She summarized her questions:

1.  What causes a person who has this chronic fatigue syndrome etc. in their body to go into free-fall with slight physical trauma?

2. Can this “achilles heel” be overcome, so every little fall or bump wouldn’t cause a potential disaster?

3.  Apart from your posted adrenal articles (which I have read and continue to reference), do you have any thoughts for my situation?  With a business, I have too many responsibilities to stay out of commission and rest all the time. I do rest A LOT, but the stress of holding up the progress of the business is hard on me….esp. when moving the business along will provide the much needed dollars to get better physically.

Number 2 is a simple “yes.” More on that to follow. 

Number 3 has to do with the rest of what she said in the email having to do with how everything is affected by her condition, thinking, heavy reactions to not so heavy traumas, etc. 

She also says she was able to get help from a healer that cost here $5000. Boy, I sure wish I made that much off clients when I had a regular practice! Not really. Mostly I would see people one to five times, mostly on the shorter side of that. Occasionally, I might see someone more, and I have one client that has been coming to me for years. 

I usually educate my clients so they would know how to take care of themselves and stay healthy. Now I do the same thing through this medium. Thank you all for participating.

On to her first question. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, can be a rather complicated issue. Certainly, the adrenals are involved in most cases. But, there can be many other factors that are either major contributors, or they complicate maters. There’s no way I can go into all of that now. That would be a book that I would like to write soon. 

On one level, all disease is due to either a deficiency or a toxicity. The emotional and spiritual levels are the other levels to look at, and they are each a discussion of their own.

Deficiency is part of what causes adrenal fatigue. And, there are other energy systems in the body that can also be deficient. ATP, or the little batteries that each cell has in them, zinc to copper ratio that has to be pretty exact, anemia — three different kinds and organ dysfunction are the ones that come to mind right away. 

Toxicity can be a really big factor in chronic fatigue syndrome. This can be due to a pathogenic infection, improper disposal of waist by the body, heavy metals and chemicals either from the environment or diet. 

For chronic fatigue syndrome, pathogens like Epstein Barr are very often a big factor. And lately, many people contract Lyme disease which is incredibly difficult to deal with. 

Is it any wonder why the body/brain would react so heavily to the slightest trauma with so much going on? One of the main reasons is that the brain can be deeply affected.

With adrenal fatigue, the brain chemistry is automatically out of balance. It has to do with the hypothalamus in the HPA axis I discussed in an earlier article. I like working with brain chemistry because it tells you the root need of the whole system. As the brain chemistry comes back into balance, mostly through supplementation, symptoms, even minor ones that the person didn’t think much about, just start to go away. 

As usual, this turned into a long article, and I didn’t even get into any specifics about chronic fatigue syndrome. Keep asking those questions though, they inspire posts, and hopefully will help many more people than the one that asked in the first place. 


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  • Marrian May 1, 2009, 5:55 am

    This chronic fatigue syndrome may associated with body pain and can get rid when body pain is given relief.

    back pain relief

  • Kalidasa May 1, 2009, 1:58 pm

    Yes, chronic pain can be exhausting, and another cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Thank you for pointing that out.

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