HPA Axis And Adrenal Fatigue A question today asks about healing the HPA axis if the emotion is ongoing. I don’t want to give too many details for privacy reasons, but the issue is with money and her husband with emotional issues due to severe emotional abuse and financial issues growing up. Top it off [...]

The one thing the human body always strives to keep in perfect balance is the amount of sugar in the blood. It will do everything it can to keep the level perfect, even at the expense of every other system. This can cause great harm if we  don’t give it some help.  In fact, almost [...]

Hair Loss

There are many different causes of male hair loss. Knowing which one would help determine the best options for preventing or reversing your hair loss. Unfortunately, that can be very difficult to do. The good news is that there is an effective treatment that covers them all. Most men want a full head of hair. [...]

Low Testosterone

Hormonal changes happen to both men and women as they age. These changes are normal with minor if any symptoms. However, it is very common for symptoms to occur with people who eat a modern diet. This article discusses testosterone, the causes of low T and what can be done to help increase it. Testosterone [...]

An article I wrote on hormone replacement therapy got some strong responses from women who thought I was wrong in denouncing hormone replacement therapy. However, recent government reports are supporting this view. Here is some of the biochemistry for why I think natural techniques are much better than HRT. The Body’s Chemical Balance The body [...]

A recent analysis of 63 studies showed a decrease in antibiotic related diarrhea when probiotics were used. I’ve been telling people that antibiotic usage causes gastrointestinal symptoms for years. If you’ve ever taken antibiotics you may have noticed that your stool got very small. The reason is that a significant portion of it is made up of [...]

Allergy Treatment

Allergies are far more widespread than you might think, particularly when the more broad definition that Applied Kinesiology (AK) uses. The good news is that AK has an effective energy technique that can quickly eliminate allergic reactions. Even so, the underlying factor must be resolved or the allergy is likely to come back. In AK [...]

Coca Cola can be Deadly

An interesting story was released yesterday about a 30 year old woman who drank 7 liters of coca cola a day, that’s almost two gallons, that lead to her death. It really is too bad that most people don’t really know much about health and what causes disease. Even the simple fact about how bad sugar [...]

A recent long term study conducted with 60,000 nurses shows that prescription long term hormone replacement causes cancer. Even though single hormone therapy has demonstrated good results, the longer the therapy continues the greater the risk. Treatment that includes both estrogen and progestin, the most common therapy, can increase breast cancer risk. But, a recent study shows [...]

Sugar Causes Heart Disease

There is a lot of misinformation out about what causes heart disease. Fat and cholesterol are still supposed to be the big bad guys while studies prove that is not the case. While certain other dietary factors do contribute, sugar and processed foods are the initiators of coronary heart disease. Here’s what junk food does [...]

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