Email: Can’t Adjust Neck With Self Adjusting Technique, Candida, Detox, Panic Attack Advice


It’s Almost Impossible For Vegetarians To Heal


I got an email from a woman who’s having quite a few problems. She bought Self Adjusting Technique from me, and can’t get her neck to adjust. 

She also has trouble with panic attacks that a chiropractic adjustment on her neck helps, but not for long. 

She doesn’t eat sugar, but is vegan and only eats whole buckwheat, quinoa ad other non-glutinous grains. 

She also uses a massager and take detox and nervine herbs to relax her, and to help clear Candida.

I thought I’d post my response to her since I run into so many vegans. It really isn’t a dietary model that works for humans, especially when ill already. 

In case you don’t know, a vegan eats nothing that comes from animals including eggs and dairy. 


Hi (name withheld),


I have quite a few suggestions.

First, there is a video on my youtube channel, Kalidasab, that teaches a massage technique for the neck. It’ll really help you out.

Second, the yeast isn’t going away for two reasons. First, you almost definitely have heavy metal toxicity which masks pathogens from the immune system. You’ll have to eliminate the metals before the yeast will clear up. Unless….

Now, this is a big unless for you as a vegan. Our bodies evolved eating animal protein, 90 percent according to recent archaeological discoveries. Most people simply can not be healthy unless they eat animal protein. I eat what is sometimes called the paleolithic diet, called that because it’s what our ancestors ate prehistory, in very ancient times. I eat only animal protein, fish, chicken, turkey and limited beef and pork with plenty of vegetables and some fruit. You see, grains feed Candida as do oranges and other really sweet fruit. This also keeps the adrenal glands stronger which leads to my comments about panic attacks.

You can sweat to help get rid of the toxins you’re dealing with. Dry sauna is best, but a hot bath works too. 30 minutes is the ideal time to sweat. You might have to build up to it.

Panic attacks are caused by brain chemistry imbalance. I know you said that you get relief when your neck is adjusted, but the root is still in the brain. And, the brain gets that way from the adrenal glands producing too much cortosol which attacks the hypothalamus which influences the rest of the brain causing the imbalance. I really doubt that you will be able to get really healthy unless you eat animal protein.

Now, I realize this may not be possible for you for philosophical reasons. I’ve known plenty of people with that. If that’s the case, then only eat the grains whole and take bromalain. Bromalain is a digestive enzyme that most people lack that turns legumes (beans) and grain into usable protein. You don’t mention that you eat beans, so you definitely won’t be getting sufficient protein regardless. You simply must include all the amino acids, and make them usable with each meal. It takes two extra strength capsules of bromalain with each meal to make the combination work.

I say whole grains, because processed grains — grinding is processing, have a high glycemic index, that is they cause a lot of insulin to be released which causes a biochemical nightmare in your body that can result in the issues you have. There’s a fair amount of info on my blog about all of this, you can read or listen to the posts in the adrenal category.

There’s a lot more you might like to know, but this is a really good start. 




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