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Holistic healing is proven to heal back pain faster and better than any other method. Different types of back pain require different healing methods. Learn the holistic technique that will heal your back pain fast!

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Lower back pain is so common today as to be staggering. There are several possible causes, but one stands out as the most common. Lets look at some common causes of lower back pain and what treatment they require. One way to think about lower back pain is that the body has something wrong with [...]

Fight or flight is an instinctual response to threats. How this keeps you in disease and how to reverse the problem is of highest importance. You simply cannot get healthy when your body is revved up ready to run or fight all the time. The instinct of fight or flight causes some serious biochemical changes [...]

One of the reasons I write so much about adrenal fatigue is because it almost killed me. Yep, I almost died from the reactions my body had to this all too common condition. Let me tell you what happened. That’s the adrenal glands in the photo above. They are walnut sized glands that sit on [...]

Holistic Back Pain Relief

Here’s an article on back pain relief using holistic methods. This is a good idea since the medical model is much less likely to work. Not to mention the side effects of drugs and surgery which are the main methods used by doctors. The article covers several different methods from taking a break to massage, [...]

The medical community continues to look for solutions to lower back pain, and they continue to fail. Here’s part of an article from the Doctors Lounge. “Ultrasound, Shock Wave Not Effective for Low Back Pain The available evidence does not support the effectiveness of ultrasound or shock wave for treating low back pain, according to [...]

Yesterday the Japanese increased their nuclear reactor crises to level 7, the highest there is, equal to Chernobyl.  The reason for this increase is the amount of radiation released into the environment. I gave some recommendations in this article on minimizing radiation risks. The worst part of this story is how the Japanese and US governments have [...]

The FDA is looking at food dyes to see if there is a connection to hyperactivity in children. What a joke! The dyes may or may not cause problems themselves, but there is a reason for deeper concern. What food dyes really do is make junk food more appealing to children. Childhood obesity is the [...]

The issue of radiation could be a real concern if the reactors in Japan continue to have problems. Currently it looks like they might get things under control, but that’s not something that can be depended on. It would really help if they gave full information about what is happening. Really, there needs to be [...]

Neck Pain and C5

Recently a woman asked about a pain in the neck, shoulder and radiating down the arm. I referred her to a neck pain article I wrote a couple of years ago. She took the advice to heart, stopped eating sugar and a few weeks later she was mostly fine. Still a little twinge from time [...]

50,000 Years Ago…

Imagine if you would, that you’re walking the earth 50,000 years ago. A wild animal jumps out and starts chasing you. You run for your life with supper human speed because your body has dumped power chemicals into your blood stream to give you a life saving supper boost. Eating sugar and processed foods does [...]

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